Sunday, November 2, 2008


A one superb busy week for me. Busy with my company annual dinner event. I am one of the working committee but it seems that I am the one who do all the job even I have staff to handle it. Knowing me who is known as "perfectionist" in work things, I ran off here and there to make sure that it runs smoothly.

Irda was there as an official photographer. Gambar tak dpt lagi dia. So nnt aku upload. After annual dinner, kami semua sambung clubbing kat Century. Big boss belanja cina-cina tuh semua minum. I just tagged along with my Encik Bab. Irda too. We had fun dancing kat dlm tuh. Lama giler tak clubs ok?

Today plak aku ada event DEEPARAYA with Persatuan Penduduk PPR Kg Limau. Penat annual dinner semalam tak abih lagi nih. Dah sambung terus ng event nih plak.

Aku nak tido. Esok aku nak EL. Nnt aku story morry lagik citer di mlm annual dinner ittew. Mak sgt glamour mlm tuh okeh?


Iza wonders... said...

pergh..mesti penat maximum!cepat2la upload gambar nak tgk the foxxy cleopatra lady!