Thursday, November 6, 2008

Do You Feel Fat / Ugly / Worthless After Reading a Fashion Magazine?

I read somewhere that reading fashion magazines can lower women's confidence, no matter their size. Do you ever personally feel fat or ugly after looking at one? Why do you buy them? And if you don't read fashion magazines, why not?

I personally don't buy them but will read one if it's around. I used to feel bad about myself after doing so but now all the photos look so fake I generally just remind myself the pics are all Photoshopped!

I feel beautiful the way I am [ NOT to be conceited AT ALL ] , but sometimes do feel fat. I couldn't care less as long as I know that I can still be in the fashion. I'm all okay.

Below are some fashion tips for Plus Size women that I've found on the net.

When you’re not feeling like wearing a bikini, think about confident Chloe Marshall, who made it to the finals of the Miss England competition. She’s rocking a bikini (in white, no less), and she still has a chance at being crowned!

Kimono tops will always looks good on Plus Size women aren't they?
An awesome dress worn by a Plus Size women. Beautiful isn't it?

And that's the reason why I am currently obsessed with the Kimono Maxi Dress.

Besides the shopping mood that I currently have, I've bought these cute storage box a couple of days ago. Bebudak kat office siap sound, "Macam nih punye chantik kotak pindah ko ek?" Hahahah... Me and pink where can separate one!

Later in the evening I might be going to One Utama to scout a few things for my hantaran. I'm all alone I guess since my Encik Bab is not going to be around with me for this 2 weeks as he is busy entertaining his cousin. I'm used to it anyway. Even if he is around pon it is not easy for me to go shopping with him coz he doesn't like it.

Till then...


Nor Aida Abdullah said...

ooo .. aku selalu motivate diri aku yg gemuk tak semestinya hodoh .. asal aku sihat, ok lahhh .. lg pun kurus sangat mcm tak sesuai lerrr .. hehehe

yr syg nih said...
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gee carmen said...

eiii. kite menci gemukkk. huhuhuuu, dah leh kite jenis susah nak kurus balik nieee.. soooo sad bebehhhh :(