Thursday, November 27, 2008

Been really busy with loads of writings these couple of days. Press releases la.. business plan la.. company profile la.. Next week I will be busy with appraisal plak. I have like 8 staff needed to be appraise. Time derang utk membodek aku utk naik gaji lebih which it doesn't work everytime.

Nak update blog pon aku tak tau nak update ape. So utk merehatkan sekejap mata aku, aku start la menggeledah pictures tunang aku. And this is the result. Hahaha...

Later after work I will be lepaking at Petronas Encik Bab. The kakaks wanted to see me and discuss bout their preparations. I am starting to feel the nerves already. Gosh!

Saya rindu mau ke tempat ini lagik. *Hint hint*
Saya juga rindu utk kembali aktif mengambil gambor.
To all my fellow friends, feel free to browse KLIK KLIK Photography.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Congrats Ieza

One of my bestfriend launched her very first online tudung boutique. Congrats IEZA Hoping for the best in ur business.

And to all my fellow readers, whether aku kenal or tidak.. feel free to visit her online boutique at
Iza Couture.

Aku plak terasa nak bukak bundle. Nak jual segala baju-baju Adidas, kasut-kasut yg ada.. but aku mmg kena pk betol2 la.. sbb byk baju-baju limited version. Muahahah...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kaler Tema

Jeng jeng jeng... My Encik Bab told me that his side have decided to choose this color as their wedding theme!

It's hijau lumut. I've checked my closet and its obviously shown that I never had one of it. Yg ada is pink, white, pink... and denim colors. Oh my! Am I going to look good in that color? We both haven't decided on what type of baju we are going to wear. Either songket or lace. Nnt nak kena bawak my future SILs pegi butik and try.

Anyway, last nite.. I had a short conversation with Kak Long (future SIL) on the phone. She said that she wanted to settle their side nye preparation by at least 70% before January. Pengsan! Dan dia jugak sempat mengutuk my Encik Bab yg tak tahu apa-apa. We will start of by this week Insyaallah. Since I knew most of the so-called wedding preparation nye places.. where to get that, where to get this, my help is needed.

I can foresee that my days after this is going to be very tiring. And hope that it will helps me in reducing my weight. Speaking of weight, I have stopped taking Herbalife for the time being as I am now on medication. Nothing serious. Just a slight tiny Cease found in my body. InsyaAllah takde ape-ape.

Pics above is the design I wanted to have for my baju nikah. Pics are taken using my cam kat dlm majalah Pengantin kat kedai Kimie Kajang the other day. The differs is I am not going to use fully chiffon since I've already bought lace. Chiffon hanye kat bahagian tangan. And I am going to wear tudung on my nikah day.

Next month dah nak anto kain utk Kimie buat baju. Baju reception aku byk patches so Kimie suruh buat awal. Hahaha.. Padan muka aku. Yang paling besh.. pelamin yg aku nak tuh, Kimie boley buat kan!!! Yeay!!!

Ok nak sambung conference dgn lalink-lalink ku kat YM.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Wedding Card + Bday Danisha

Last Friday, tanpa di plan, I went to a wedding card shop located in heart of KL. At first I had the thought of getting a hardcover card but bila aku tanye kat tokey tuh bley buat custom made card or not kat situ, he said YES. Without further hesitation, I called IEZA. Kebetulan plak minah tuh tgh free and she rushed over to the shop.

I told IEZA what I wanted and she came out with an idea which it turns out perfectly. The tokey quote me the price as well and it's wayyyyyyyyy below my budget.. I likeee!! I haven't finalized the design on that day but I've paid a deposit just for me to take the card home so that I could discuss more with my mom and my ENCIK BAB. And yes, I have the final design approved already. Skang nih nk kena carik masa utk pegi ke kedai itu semula so that I could brief the designer on how I want my card to be.

Tokey kedai itu suruh aku buat awal sbb my card is custom made card and they need an ample time to do it.

The idea is like this. It is not exactly like this.. Nak tau camner? Tunggu time aku bagi kad nih kat korang lah. It is the mixture of our Malay traditional card + English style card. Giler? Ya. Aku nye wedding, aku punya suka. Hahaha...

Anyway, Birthday Danisha tempohari turns out really good. Weather is HOT. Thanks to IEZA who made it with her lovely anak-anak buah. HANA tuh sgt comel ok. Awin ckp dah macam muka ko dah si Hana tuh. Hehehe.. Sorry sbb bz taking pictures.

Here is some sneak preview of the event. Aku takde masa nak edit lagi as I am now busy writing 30 press releases for next year. Nak kena submit Friday nih. Mengong.

There's about 70 adults kot yg datang. Dan kids nye ada lah dlm 20 org. Hahaha... Adik aku siap panggey clown. Untung clown tuh sbb kids tak ramai. Tiring but glad that it went on well. Mmg princess abeh budak bertuah sorang tuh. Unfortunately, princess takut clown. Dia meraung tgk clown. We've expected this already as Danisha ni mmg penakut sket kalo tgk benda2 yg tak chantek kat mata dia. Serious, org yg gelap2 semua dia tak nak.. yg cerah2 semua dia ok. Pemilih sungguh.

Till then.. I'm outta here.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Dear Sayang,

# I cannot promise you that I will not change.
# I cannot promise you that I will not have many different moods.
# I cannot promise you that I will not hurt your feelings sometimes.
# I cannot promise you that I will not be erratic.
# I cannot promise you that I will always be strong.
# I cannot promise you that my faults will not show.


# I do promise you that I will always be supportive of you.
# I do promise you that I will share all my thoughts and feelings with you.
# I do promise you that I will give you freedom to be yourself.
# I do promise you that I will understand everything that you do.
# I do promise you that I will be completely honest with you.
# I do promise you that I will laugh and cry with you.
# I do promise you that I will help you achieve all your goals.

But most of all...

# I do promise you that I will always Love you.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tag Lagi dan Lagi

Disebabkan aku bz and seriously I am not in the mood to blog.. So aku nak layan TAG lagik.

It's a LOVE TAG. I was tagged by EZA. (again)

1. When was the first time you met him/her?
Year 2000. Dekat computer lab Unitar. *Saksi kejadian, HANA.*

2. What do you feel?
Rasa nak hug dia coz he was so huggable masa tuh. I even nicknamed him as HUGGIES.

3. What do you feel right now?
Is it the love feel or is it what I really felt right now? If it's love.. I LOVE HIM NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS.

4. If your enemy do anything that you hate, what will you do first?
More or less macam EZA jugak. Aku rasa macam nak bagitau jek semua benda yg boleh buat dia malu but when I come to think of it, aku tak nak jadik BODOH macam dia. Mulut aku tak sejahat mulut dia. If dia betol-betol berani, aku cabar dia bagitau benda yg betol kat org / org2 apa sebenarnya yg buat aku MARAH.

5. Give 5 characters that you have:
* Degil (My ENCIK Bab labelled me tis)
* Bad tempered
* Sensitive
* I am nice to people that treat me nice.
* Perfectionist. *Walaupon org tak suka, aku tetap akan buat utk dpt yg terbaik. Isn't that the best is what u really want in ur life?*

6. If he/her broke your heart, what's your action?
WAh.. nih pon macam EZA jugak.. Easy to forgive but hardly forget. My Encik BAB used to hurt me once but I've forgave him and look at what we are now.

7. What character you like towards him/her?
His patient in fulfilling all my needs. Although sometimes it led us to an arguements. Yes, we argue at all the time but that what makes me love him more and more day by day.

8. Who is the name of no 1?
I've always put myself as my priority. Then only my Encik Bab and of course my family.

9. If your lover become your enemies, will you hate him/her?
Enemies are named to be hated. Keji kan aku?

10. The most memorable thing he/her had done for you:
Byk sgt kot.. Hahah I just loves the way he loved me.

11. The most memorable thing that he/she have said to you?
He wants to take care of me as time goes by.

12. To the person that always supports you?
I love all of u who has always stood by me thru ups and downs.

13. 5 person to tag?

Sayang, I missed you....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

4 months 2 weeks!!

Saje jek nak bikin gempak dgn title itu. *Get ur freak on*

Yesterday evening, tgh dok buat keja sambil chat2 ng Ieza and Hana.. suddenly teringat aku nk kena beli mixer yg baru. Mixer aku yg lama dah jahanam aku kerjakan. *Panjang citer dia*

Since Ieza is fetching her hubby at KLCC and Hana pon dah keja dekat ng KLCC, I asked them to meet up kat sana. Wanted to get the mixer at Parkson since they are having sales. There we go la kan. Met up at 630 pm. Semua punctual plak tuh. Ahaks. Then straight to Parkson but too bad, nothing that I could find. Rasa dah macam kecik sgt plak tpt electrical kat Parkson tuh. So we went to Best Denki.

Masa naik tuh ternampak plak Chillis. Drpd nak lepak DOME, terus ke Chillis peginya. Well, I managed to get my new mixer at Best Denki with a good price. And with the tempat ayak. Hahah.. 2 years warranty summore. I'm taking precaution here in case terjadi lagik kejadian mixer yg lama itu.

It was fun lepak semlm.. siap bawak kuar citer lama zaman-zaman clubbing, nasty and notty moments. Kenapalah handphone dulu tak de camera kan? We missed lotsa piccas lah. Kalo tak bley main tag gambo dolu-dolu. Sigh.

We left at 8 pm. It was short but fun. Can't hardly wait for the next session.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tag Qs 2

Kena tag lagik. Kali nih dr Eza. Sorry ek lambat nak reply. The rules:
Take a picture of your workstation & tag another 7 people ;)

I have just moved in to my new office. Masih tiada masa sepenuhnya utk mengemas. But the best part is u all can see how spacious is my new room currently. Heaven ok? Hahaha...

Sorry mmg bilik tgh sepah sbb aku baru sempat kemas sikit-sikit. Bz dgn meetings. Proposal. Budgetting plan for 2009. Then ari Jumaat ari tuh aku demam. MC. Minggu lepas adalah minggu sakit aku. Starting dr food poison smpkan demam pastuh weekend aku nye demam dah ok but I still have my flu. Bluekk.

Since aku kena tag dgn org.. maka dengan senang ati aku nak tag org lain plak.

1. Ieza
2. Hana
3. Gee
4. Marcia
5. Cik Ayza
6. Mesya
7. Sapa yg baca blog ni yg aku tak tau.

Padan muka!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Danisha Birthday Bash...

You all are cordially invited to my niece, SALFARANIA DANISHA 1st Birthday Bash.

Venue : Poolside Apartment Sri Jati
Date : 22nd November 2008
Time : 2pm - 5pm
Theme : Costume Party for those who have kids.

Please RSVP if you are bringing any kids so that I can prepare enough gift for the kids.

Gimme a call if you want to know the direction.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Saya senang ati.

Dis is roughly what I have in mind on how my wed dress should be. Pedulik la kalo aku gemok sekali pon. Aku tetap nk ianya menjadi 1 kenyataan. Actually design nih dah lama dah Kimie Kajang buat kan utk aku. B4 Ramadhan lagik. Aku baru nak letak kat sini sbb aku akan g tempah baju next month. Oh ya, this is for my reception nye baju. Baju utk nikah.. mlm nih kot Kimie akan design kan. I will go and c him later after work.

Kalo ada sketches nnt, aku hapdate lagik. Meanwhile.. aku nak sambung mengemas sambil tersenyum lebor.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Keracunan Makanan

Asyik jawab soklan tagged.. aku sampai lupa nak hapdate ape jadik kat aku semlm. Lepas jek hapdate entry weekend tuh.. aku diserang kepeningan kepala yg amat hebat. Aku igtkan kesan dr tidor yg tak cukup waktu weekend tuh. Then aku rasa mual. Pastuh perut aku kejung. Tetibe, perut aku keras. Rasa macam nak meletup pon ada time tuh. Tepon my Encik Bab. Mengadu la kononnya.

I tried to take a nap. Tak jalan. So aku g toilet. Mencuba utk membuang ape yg patut. Damn. Tak berjaya. PA aku si Ateh tuh suruh aku minum air panas. I did. Pas tuh aku rasa cam nak melayang jek diri aku. Ateh bagik aku panadol. Aku telan. Pas telan aku cam ok sket. Time ni aku dah call my Encik Bab utk dtg amik aku kat office. Aku mmg tak larat nak drive. After tepon my Encik Bab, aku turun anto brg kat keter. Letak jek brg kat keter tuh, aku rasa cam ada torpedo serang aku dr dlm perut.. Nahhh.. amikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk............. aku muntahhhhhhhhhhh kat basement parking tuh jugak. Nalekk pucikk!! Menggelabah aku carik air mineral dlm keta. Nasib ada. Aku bersihkan apa yg patut. Ngam-ngam jek lepas bersihkan tuh.... Tetibe.. aku rasa angin puting beliung plak dtg serang.. Bushh!! Dah kotor balik parking tuh. Bekalan air plak tak mencukupi utk aku buat keja2 pembersihan. Sudah nya??

Aku alih keta tutup bahagian muntah aku tuh.. Hahaha.. Cover line cemerlang. Keji kan? Abih nak wat camne??? My Encik Bab terpaksa tinggalkan keternye di basement utk anto aku balik rumah. Cian dia. Dah ler tgh bz. "Saya tau awak sayang saya!"

Pas my Encik Bab paksa aku minum ENO segala... Dia suruh aku rest and he went back to Petronas to settle his things. Lewat malam dia smp lagik dgn membawa bubur ayam Mcd. Kena paksa makan. Perut aku time nih masih kejung lagik. Pas makan aku tido tak sedor diri.

Pagi tadi Encik Bab anto aku g keja. "Macih sayang.. for taking care of me.. soo shweet of u.."

Ari nih start angkut kotak2 kecik ke office yg baru. Esok movers akan dtg n angkut segala meja, lemari, cabinets.. ape je la yg besor. I like my new room but at d same time, I am gonna miss half of my staff. :(

Esok mlm kami akan pegi makan kat Shogun Restaurant One Utama. Yeay.

Tag Qs

Aku kena tagged dgn Aida... Aiseh..

1. The age you'll be on your next birthday:
29. Age is just a number for me. So whadda heck ayte?

2. Place you want to travel to:
There'll be loads. I loves travel. On my list ayte now : Bali (1st honeymoon), Maldives (2nd Honeymoon), South Africa ( World Cup).. Its a never ending list.

3. Your favorite place:
My Room. I just can do anything inside my room without feel embarrassing at all especially when Im naked. Muahahah...

4. Your favorite food:
Anything cooked by my mom.. Dia masak telur goreng pon aku suka.

5. Your favorite pet:
Honestly, I loves cats. But too lazy to take care of them. I am being honest here.

6. Favorite color combination:
I am obsessed with pink.

7. Favorite piece of clothing:

8. Your all time favorite song:
Anything from Dewa.

9. Favorite TV show:
I rarely watch TV nowadays. CSI would be 1 of it.

10. First name of your significant other/crush:
Aku tak ingat nama penuh dia. I just called him as Harry.

11. Which town do you live in:
Cheras Batu 9

12. Your screen name/nickname:

13. Your first job:
Waiter kat Agora Hotel. Masa form 3.

14. Your dream job:
Duduk rumah goyang kaki but still earn loads of monies. Bley?

15. One bad habit that you have:
I am stubborn. Keras kepala. Degil.

16. Worst fear:
Height. Yes, I am afraid of that. Cicak pon lagi 1 aku nye trauma.

17: Things you'd like to do before you die:
I want to spend my time days and nites with my Encik Bab.

18. The 1st thing you'll buy if you get $1,000,000:
Travelling ticket to round the world. Yeehhaaa...

19. Your husband/wife:
Currently his status is Fiancee. Soon, Insyaallah... Haji Mohamad Zamzuri bin Haji Zakaria.

Skang aku nak tag :
1. Iza
2. Gee
3. Hana
4. Marcia

Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend yg sgt padat.

Lama saya tak blog. Sbb ape? Saya sibok. Sibok dgn ape? Sibok dgn shopping. Shopping ape? Shopping barang-barang hantaran termasuk lah... Digital Camera baru. Ape? Camera lagik?? Ya. Jgn membebel. Sbb aku bukan beli dgn duit aku. Bukan juga duit my Encik Bab. Duit Larry. Sapa dia? CEO aku. Mana dtg duit tuh? Hasil titik peluh aku yg bekerja bagai nak rak bagi dia kaya pakai keta yg berharga 1/2 million. Paham? Aku sendiri tak berapa nak paham apa aku tulis. Lantak. Ini blog aku. Suka ati aku nak tulis camne pon. Muahahah...

Seblom beli camera, saya beli barang-barang hantaran utk my Encik Bab. Bulan ini ialah bulan membeli perfume. Saya tak jadi ke One Utama. So saya ke Pavillion pada hari Khamis mlm Jumaat. Sengsorang pada mulanya. Tetapi lepas beli perfume. Hana suruh amik dia kat office. Langsung ke KLCC. Sambung beli toiletries plak utk my Encik Bab.

Voucher Parkson selamat dihabiskan di sini di campur juga dgn sedikit duit saya sbb perfume tuh promotion set. Tak valid dgn voucher. Sayang punya pasal, saya pasrah. Ada kejadian kelakar sewaktu nak beli toiletries utk my Encik Bab nih. Si lembut tuh tanye, kulit cik abg camne... ada masalah ape. Saya jawab dia takde masalah. Saya tgh mencuba utk memberi masalah pada dia lah nih. Muahaha. Yap, this is the very first time kot my Encik Bab akan pakai segala menda ini walhal dia takde probs pon dgn kulit muka. Saya sgt jeles.

Keesokannya... jeng.. jeng.. jeng... Aku ke Sg. Wang utk beli ini. Muahaha....

Ini la rope bentuk camera baru ittew. Kenapa camera nih? Sbb ini ialah camera underwater. Saya kan berangan nak g honeymoon ke pulau. Mesti ada xtvt snorkeling. So time tuh nak tangkap gambor ng my Encik Bab byk2. Gambor kish-kish dlm water. Wahh..

Ini plak aku belikan Danisha nye advanced birthday pressie. Baby walker. Geram sbb dia lambat nk berjalan. So far da ada progress. Danisha dah start pandai melangkah. Seblom nih nak angkat kaki pon dia malas.

Hari Sabtu, ari aku jadi camwhore dgn Irda. Aku pegi jenjalan shopping di Jalan Masjid India. Beli kain net kosong utk di buat veil for nikah and sanding. Then makan2. Then beli tudung utk dipakai time nikah. Am I too early for all this? Lantak pi. Aku malas nak buat keja last minute. Ni dia hasil camwhore dgn Irda. Ada byk tp dis is the best shot of the day.

Mlm nye plak, my Encik Bab bley ajak g karaoke bersama-sama kawan dia. Juga Irda, Abu and Poji kawan aku. That makes 8 of us partying all nite long. Before party, kami makan dulu kat Cowboy Delight. Atas bukit berhampiran rumah aku.

Nih garlic bread.
Grill Thai FishLamb ChopGrill Seafood ComboNi plak percubaan my Encik Bab buat muka tah ape-ape tah.
Kami tak sedar yg pose kami sama okay?
Ari Sabtu nye citer dah setel. Nnt aku hapdate ape jadik ari Ahad. Aku penat mengangkat brg utk pindah.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Do You Feel Fat / Ugly / Worthless After Reading a Fashion Magazine?

I read somewhere that reading fashion magazines can lower women's confidence, no matter their size. Do you ever personally feel fat or ugly after looking at one? Why do you buy them? And if you don't read fashion magazines, why not?

I personally don't buy them but will read one if it's around. I used to feel bad about myself after doing so but now all the photos look so fake I generally just remind myself the pics are all Photoshopped!

I feel beautiful the way I am [ NOT to be conceited AT ALL ] , but sometimes do feel fat. I couldn't care less as long as I know that I can still be in the fashion. I'm all okay.

Below are some fashion tips for Plus Size women that I've found on the net.

When you’re not feeling like wearing a bikini, think about confident Chloe Marshall, who made it to the finals of the Miss England competition. She’s rocking a bikini (in white, no less), and she still has a chance at being crowned!

Kimono tops will always looks good on Plus Size women aren't they?
An awesome dress worn by a Plus Size women. Beautiful isn't it?

And that's the reason why I am currently obsessed with the Kimono Maxi Dress.

Besides the shopping mood that I currently have, I've bought these cute storage box a couple of days ago. Bebudak kat office siap sound, "Macam nih punye chantik kotak pindah ko ek?" Hahahah... Me and pink where can separate one!

Later in the evening I might be going to One Utama to scout a few things for my hantaran. I'm all alone I guess since my Encik Bab is not going to be around with me for this 2 weeks as he is busy entertaining his cousin. I'm used to it anyway. Even if he is around pon it is not easy for me to go shopping with him coz he doesn't like it.

Till then...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blog Ku Berwajah Baru

Yippie... Walaupon aku tgh bz mempacking barang utk di bawa bersama ke kantor yg baru minggu depan. Aku masih lagi berpeluang mencurik masa utk menukar layout blog ini.

Oh ya. I'll be moving to the new office which is located in the opposite building of current office. I'll be getting a new bigger room just for me alone. The saddest part is, 4 of my staff will be allocated to a new unit as well but they will still be under my supervision. 3 will stay with me plus another 2 new staff. Mainly the current unit I'm shifting is for the management department while the other unit is for the production department.

I will no more working under Taffu Media or Nextnation Communication Berhad. I am now a Director a company called Qasima Technology Sdn Bhd. An outsource company for Nextnation Group of Companies. How it works? Its quite difficult for me to explain here. Very complicated. Means, my work after this is more challenging. The ups and downs of the company is totally rely on me. (Poyos)

Okay. Nak g minum. Cont. later.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bila Diri Rasa Dihargai

Wah tajuk... tak hengat kan? hahahah... Ini adalah kesinambungan cerita di malam annual dinner. As what I've mentioned in the previous post, aku kan dapat award malam tuh.. Tp post lepas aku lupa nak attach pictures.. And here it is..

Ini masa dpt award. That is my CEO. Sgt muda dan sgt berjaya. Kami sgt mesra kan?
Ini ialah award yg saya menang. Chantek? Hanya 2 org yg dpt award 5 tahun nih. Yg lain sume 3 tahun jek.
Shopping spree. Saya menang RM 350. Di tambah RM 100. Di beri lagi RM 300.