Monday, November 3, 2008

NX Movie Mania Annual Dinner

Ok mari sambung cite annual dinner. I am the secretary of the working committee. But it seems like I am the president. Haha.. The President is my GM and his deputy is my Deputy COO which do nothing. I am d one who make decision for almost everything. Venue, food.. and I suggested that we should have theme for this year as for the past 3 yrs we never had one. Besides being the secretary, I am also in charged for sponsorships for lucky draw. Tahun nih sponsorships sangatlah kesian nya.. Paling grand pon local trip to Pulau Redang for 2 pax. But better than nothing lah kan.

One thing for sure, mission annual dinner tahun nih is to make sure that every one of us in the company communicates each other. We have like 130 staff itself in Malaysia. Tp bukan semua kenal each other. Even myself pon tak kenal half of the staff which as a Corporate Comm. Manager, I should know each and everyone of them . I think mission accomplished la kot sbb right after the event, my CEO and GM congratulate me for a very successful event organized. *ada chance naik gaji lagik nih*

Utk best dress, aku tak menang apa-apa. Utk karaoke pon aku just menang consolation prize worth RM 50. On top of that, aku jugak dapat award 5 yrs of Loyal Service Award. Dpt voucher membeli belah Jusco worth RM 350. Yippie!!

Dah malas nak citer byk.. Enjoy the piccas.

Ni dia winner Best Female Dress.
Ni winner Best Male Dress. The Foxxy Lady in ActionI am actually craving for this Kimono Maxi Dress for the past 2 weeks. Dah merata tempat aku carik. Last2 jumpa kat Flea Market The Curve right bout 2 hrs b4 annual dinner start. Next Saturday aku akan pastikan aku memborong lagik dress ini.


david santos said...

Really beautiful posting! Nice photos! Pretty faces and pretty colours!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!

eZa said...

nice hair & dress! ;)
so sape menang itu karaoke?? hehehe