Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shh.. shh.. Go away!

Tears, tears,
Please go away..

I just can't stop crying since he left to KL 3 hrs ago.

My very first nite without him by my side after almost 3 mths we got married.

I knoe I gotta be strong here all by myself.
This is the path that I chose, so I better live with it.


I am going to miss u a lot here.
U jgn nak notty-notty kat KL tuh.
U will always be close to my heart.

I love you sayang!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Ya Tuhan...

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku..

Berikanlah aku kekuatan untuk menempuh hari-hari di sini tanpa kehadiran insan yang paling aku sayangi...

Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm Fine.

After 4 days being in Jakarta, I'm doing just fine.


My hubby is still next to me until next Tuesday.

Lepas 2?

Harus lah aku meroyan kan?

Inilah mobil ku di sini.

Not really a personal driver coz I'm sharing it with my colleague who lives at d same place as me and work in d same office too.

He is more into business development thingy so he need the car more than I do for meeting clients.

Anyhow, the Bluebird taxi is reliable here. So I have no probs traveling with taxi as it is really needed here coz...

The MACET is very super duper teruk on weekdays ok?

Ok running off to settle my work.

Tomorrow I'll be off to Tanah Abang with Sang Suami to do some shopping! $$$$$$

I'm luvin it!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

HappY Belated Father's Day

Just a quick one since I have a lots of discussions.

This is how we celebrated Father's Day d other day.
A small celebration held at my SIL's.
My very first time celebrate it as I've lost my father when I was only 3 yrs old.

This is what I had for my branch.
Tapau from downstairs.
Not enuff time to lepak as I have tones of papers to go thru.

Kamus Bahasa Indonesia hari ini.

telat = lambat.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Safely arrived.

I safely arrived Jakarta pagi tadi jam 10 waktu tempatan.
Rush back to the apartment and put the luggage there, leave my hubby there as well and off me go to the office.

Hebat bukan?

Turun flight langsung terus ke kantor.

Oh what a day!

Masuk office baru, aku rasa janggal bangat.

Terasa macam aku nih baru start kerja.

When I was introduced by my colleague that I'm replacing her here as Senior Operation Manager, everyone showed me a very weird kind of expression.

After the introduction session with all the HODs, I have my very first meeting.

What a tight schedule kan?

Sat g nak g dinner.

Nasib baik rumah ada WIFI.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Gudbye Malaysia.

I wanted to update bout the last celebration that we had at The Terrace Royale Bintang last week.
But I lost my mood in the midst of editing the pics.
I couldn't stop my tears from falling when I looked at those pics.

I received my flight confirmation yesterday.
I'll be flying off to Jakarta this Tuesday 23rd June.
And will only be back to KL on 15th Aug.


I don't know whether I am 100% ready for all these.
A mixture of feelings lingered.


Butterflies started to fly again in my stomach.
Just like what I've felt a day before my solemnization day.

After 2 months plus, I have to leave my hubby ere alone.

Saya berdoa agar saya diberikan kekuatan utk menempuh semua ini.

Saya akan merindui kamuk semua!!!!

Oh, saya patut berhenti.
Airmata nih tak nak berenti mengalir.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Impiana, Aquaria, Danisha dan Karaoke

Bersambung dari entry yg sebelom nih.

On d next day, me woke up quite late sbb mlm seblom tuh Sang Suami bz berlucky ball dgn geng-geng.
We are supposed to check in dekat Impiana KLCC and bawak Danisha berjalan-jalan.

Reached Impiana at 2 pm.
The package that we took includes free tickets to Aquaria as well.
Chantek la tuh kan.

Nih pics bilik. Dpt bilik ngadap KLCC lagik. Besh

Masuk2 jek bilik, minah ni sibok buat inspection. Pastuh bley plak dia bantai posing.

Tak lama pastuh, kami berjalan kaki ke Aquaria.
Cian Papa Danisha yg kena dukung dia all d way.
Dah le Q sket nye panjang nak amik tiket tuh. Mak pasrah!

Danisha plak tak abih2 dgn "SCAREDD".
Langsung tak nak jalan sendiri. Nak dukung jek.
Dah le badan tuh berat cam guni beras. Adeyy!

Kuar2 jek pintu Aquaria tuh, si Danisha bley bantai tido plak.
Kami ni dah le lapor gile.
Nak tak nak pas makan kami terus balik hotel.
Terbantut niat mak nak ke KLCC.

Petang-petang sket kami bawak Danisha pi mandi pool.
Budak nih penakut sket ng air.
Tak amik pics pon sbb saya pon sibok nk berendam.


Tak lama pon kami kt dlm pool tuh sbb ari tetibe ujan.
Naik2 jek bilik, minah tuh tido sampai kami dah ready nak kuar dinner.

We have our dinner + karaoke at Conlay club together with my mama, Awin and Poy.
Just like last year.
Karaoke like a must for us.

Abu, Nana and Tommy came and joined us later.
Kami berdansa-dansa di sana after habis d karaoke session at 12 am.

The next day, we are supposed to check out.

Saya terlambat bangun.
Sedor-sedor dah kol 1130 am.
Check out time kol 12 pm.
Barang 1 hapah tak kemas.

Sudahnya Sang Suami ckp,
"Kita extend je la yang!"


Tak de buat apa pon that day.
Just went to KLCC for lunch.
And bought birthday pressie for 3 of my friends.

We are going 2 have our get together session the next day.
Which I am going to tell more bout it later sbb pics tak abih edit lagik.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Makan, rambut, make up.

Hapdate sepanjang minggu lepas.

Let's start with 9th June 09.

Saya tetiba ngidam teringin nak makan Jopun.
Ari tuh ada baca pesal Tenji kat websites.
And they have promos for Parents Day whereby the price is RM 39.90++ for Supper.
Supper starts at 930 pm and ends at 12 midnite.

Called Nana and Tommy, they wanted to join as well.

Off we go to The Solaris Mont Kiara.

The interior mmg chantek if u were to compare with Shogun di One Utama itu.
Choices of food juga banyak.
From raw oyster, grill lamb, fresh salmon, tempura, sushi, prawn, squids, teppayanki and many more.
The best part is they served Haagen Daaz ice creams!!

The taste?

As a Japanese food lover, I would say the taste is so-so.
Especially the sushi. Shogun is much much better.
Sushi dia punya nasi tuh rasa macam nasi biasa yang kita tanak kat rumah.
Unlike the normal one yg ala-ala pulut tuh.
Choices of sushi pon tak sebanyak di Shogun.

Anyway, they served a really fresh raw salmon which I had tonnes of it!

Kami memang ambik semua food yg disajikan.
Itu ialah Tommy dan wife dia Nana.

All of us are the food lover.
See the perut badan la.

Muka-muka orang yg melantak makan macam 1 minggu tak jumpa makanan.

Next session..

On 11th June 2009.
My birthday eve.
I was on leave that day.

As early as 1230 pm, aku dah start masuk saloon.
Sorry no pics taken as aku seronok melayan main game.
I did a rebonding touch up which took me 3 hrs to get it done b4 I could proceed with the treatment.
Treatment took another 1/2 hr.
Then wash.
Then blow.
Then I trimmed a bit here and there.
I've requested them to give a bit of volume to my hair.
I've settled at 445 pm.

And the results..

Keluar salon, I've rushed to Midvalley bersama Sang Suami as my make over appointment is at 530 pm.

Calit sini, calit sana, about 630 pm, I'm done with it.

Siap STAGE bg 4R size printed pics lagi kat saya.

Pics below is my look before and after all the make over.

Oh, saya semakin lama semakin jatuh chenta dgn ini make up STAGE.

Selepas Midvalley, kami langsung ke Sheraton Hotel KL.
Sang suami bawa saya dinner ke 1 tempat yg saya sendiri tak penah pegi.

A fine and romantic dining as what I've wanted in my wish lists.

The restaurant called Villa Danelli kalo tak silap.
They served Italianese cuisine.
My favorite pastas!

We had bread + mushroom soup as appetizers.
Then I had this yummy pastas which I can't remember the name of it.
Sang Suami mengadap ayam masak hape tah.
But seriously walaupon nama-nama mereka agak pelik,
The taste is superb!

Licin saya makan!
Finally as dessert, I had this raspberry sorbet.

Sila lah layan pics saya sampai muntah ok?
All pics are taken using my advance bday pressie given by Sang Suami.
Dah dapat tangkap dah ape dia?
DigiCam tak muat masuk my clutch.

Ini lah dia pressie dr Sang Suami yg korang semua teka salah itu.

More to come on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Sabar ya!
Saya mengantuk.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm 29!!
And I'm proud to be one though it's kinda scared coz the big 3 is comin'!

I'll be writing more bout my celebration soon!

Till then..

Thanks to all that SMSes me, called me, msged me thru FB and blog!
I'm truly blessed!

I love all of u!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My birthday.

Saya bakal menyambut hari ulangtahun yang ke 29 this friday.
Maka dengan itu, saya bercuti smp senin depan.

Esok saya nak pegi saloon.

Nak g potong rebonding rambut yg dah macam pompuan beranak 5.
Pastu saya nk g Midvalley.
Make over appointment saya pukul 530 ptg.
Ada sape2 nk join?
Then mlm 2 saya akan makan malam bersama suami terchenta.
Oh' indahnya!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Masuk jek office ari nih..
Mala & Eza YM aku.

Mala : qimie....kamu preggie ye..congratz!!!
Me : hoit
Me : apo kah
Me : hahahaha
Me : bolum laie laaaaaaaaaa

Mala : hah??!!! isk...baca kat blog awak la

Me : mana dtg

Me : sapa yg buat stetment

Me: hahahaha Mala : adoi!!! abis tu ape!! tipah terpitu kah

nooreza : beb

Me : yo

nooreza : bp mgu dh?

Me : hoihhhhhhhhhhh

Me : blom laaaaaaaaaaaaa
Me : ayoo

Me : apo semuo nih
nooreza : abih tuh? gbr danisha =bkn hint ke?>
Me : hahahahaha
Me : bukannnn

Ini semua gara-gara N3 sebelom nih.

Ramai yang tertipu.
Advance birthday pressie itu adalah sesuatu yg saya letak dlm wishlist saya.

Anyway, kat kedai stationery kat belakang office ni ada jual sticker laptop yg menawan.
Murah sajork. RM 15.90.
Tetiba Delly saya nampak anggun.
Saya beli juga Man Utd nye sticker utk suami terchenta sbb dia dah belikan hadiah saya semlm kan.

Weekend lepas adalah memenatkan.
Kenduri kendara yang penuh.
Pics tak transfer lagik.
Tiada mood sbb mengantuk.


Sunday, June 14, 2009
1:00pm - 6:00pm
The Royale Bintang The Curve Damansara

Since I don't have enuff time to organize more than 1 farewell party,this is the only thing I could come up with.

There will be birthdays celebration as well.

Birthday gurls :

1. Lily
2. Ieza
3. Myself
4. Nash

Only RM 25++ per pax.

Ladies only! Kids allowed. Hubby, bfs, fiancees - NO!

Please leave ur name kalau interested nak join.


I Love You Sayang

Thank u sayang 4 dis advance birthday pressie.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Qimie's Birthday Wishlist

Whoots whoots!

My birthday is just around the corner, here is what I've wish for..
Wish je lah kan.. tapi kalo ada orang yang nak tunaikan,
Saya sangat alu-alukan!!!

1. Olympus Zuiko Digital 25mm

2. Nikon D300 - woohhooo!!!

3. New handphone perhaps? A Blackberry or Nokia E71 will do. Ahaks.

4. Fine chocolates! Ooohh, ohhh!!

5. Aussino towels!

6. Any envelope style clutch.

7. Eye shadow & blush pallete.

8. Cute photo albums!

9. Make up case. Pink in color puhhleeaasee!!

10. Any of these perfumes.

11. Classy Photo frames.

12. Wedges! - Size 8 okeh?

13. Spa Voucher

14. A romantic dinner at Tamarind Springs.

Sekian ...