Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blog Ku Berwajah Baru

Yippie... Walaupon aku tgh bz mempacking barang utk di bawa bersama ke kantor yg baru minggu depan. Aku masih lagi berpeluang mencurik masa utk menukar layout blog ini.

Oh ya. I'll be moving to the new office which is located in the opposite building of current office. I'll be getting a new bigger room just for me alone. The saddest part is, 4 of my staff will be allocated to a new unit as well but they will still be under my supervision. 3 will stay with me plus another 2 new staff. Mainly the current unit I'm shifting is for the management department while the other unit is for the production department.

I will no more working under Taffu Media or Nextnation Communication Berhad. I am now a Director a company called Qasima Technology Sdn Bhd. An outsource company for Nextnation Group of Companies. How it works? Its quite difficult for me to explain here. Very complicated. Means, my work after this is more challenging. The ups and downs of the company is totally rely on me. (Poyos)

Okay. Nak g minum. Cont. later.


eZa said...

nice layout & header babe! ;)

Iza wonders... said...

im lucky im in love with m best fren ni teringat aku kat lily yg suka sgt lagu ni..

Nor Aida Abdullah said...

cun .. cun ..

zamzuri said...

kenapa i ader antar comment semalam tapi hari nih dah takder???

zamzuri said...

pelik ek.. kenapa ler editor nih pegi remove my comments??