Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tag Lagi dan Lagi

Disebabkan aku bz and seriously I am not in the mood to blog.. So aku nak layan TAG lagik.

It's a LOVE TAG. I was tagged by EZA. (again)

1. When was the first time you met him/her?
Year 2000. Dekat computer lab Unitar. *Saksi kejadian, HANA.*

2. What do you feel?
Rasa nak hug dia coz he was so huggable masa tuh. I even nicknamed him as HUGGIES.

3. What do you feel right now?
Is it the love feel or is it what I really felt right now? If it's love.. I LOVE HIM NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS.

4. If your enemy do anything that you hate, what will you do first?
More or less macam EZA jugak. Aku rasa macam nak bagitau jek semua benda yg boleh buat dia malu but when I come to think of it, aku tak nak jadik BODOH macam dia. Mulut aku tak sejahat mulut dia. If dia betol-betol berani, aku cabar dia bagitau benda yg betol kat org / org2 apa sebenarnya yg buat aku MARAH.

5. Give 5 characters that you have:
* Degil (My ENCIK Bab labelled me tis)
* Bad tempered
* Sensitive
* I am nice to people that treat me nice.
* Perfectionist. *Walaupon org tak suka, aku tetap akan buat utk dpt yg terbaik. Isn't that the best is what u really want in ur life?*

6. If he/her broke your heart, what's your action?
WAh.. nih pon macam EZA jugak.. Easy to forgive but hardly forget. My Encik BAB used to hurt me once but I've forgave him and look at what we are now.

7. What character you like towards him/her?
His patient in fulfilling all my needs. Although sometimes it led us to an arguements. Yes, we argue at all the time but that what makes me love him more and more day by day.

8. Who is the name of no 1?
I've always put myself as my priority. Then only my Encik Bab and of course my family.

9. If your lover become your enemies, will you hate him/her?
Enemies are named to be hated. Keji kan aku?

10. The most memorable thing he/her had done for you:
Byk sgt kot.. Hahah I just loves the way he loved me.

11. The most memorable thing that he/she have said to you?
He wants to take care of me as time goes by.

12. To the person that always supports you?
I love all of u who has always stood by me thru ups and downs.

13. 5 person to tag?

Sayang, I missed you....


+miss s.y.a+ said...

saya pon kene tag gak ke? klu tak jawab tag anda boleh tak? ini kerana saya sgt la takde mase utk hadap pc lame2...