Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kaler Tema

Jeng jeng jeng... My Encik Bab told me that his side have decided to choose this color as their wedding theme!

It's hijau lumut. I've checked my closet and its obviously shown that I never had one of it. Yg ada is pink, white, pink... and denim colors. Oh my! Am I going to look good in that color? We both haven't decided on what type of baju we are going to wear. Either songket or lace. Nnt nak kena bawak my future SILs pegi butik and try.

Anyway, last nite.. I had a short conversation with Kak Long (future SIL) on the phone. She said that she wanted to settle their side nye preparation by at least 70% before January. Pengsan! Dan dia jugak sempat mengutuk my Encik Bab yg tak tahu apa-apa. We will start of by this week Insyaallah. Since I knew most of the so-called wedding preparation nye places.. where to get that, where to get this, my help is needed.

I can foresee that my days after this is going to be very tiring. And hope that it will helps me in reducing my weight. Speaking of weight, I have stopped taking Herbalife for the time being as I am now on medication. Nothing serious. Just a slight tiny Cease found in my body. InsyaAllah takde ape-ape.

Pics above is the design I wanted to have for my baju nikah. Pics are taken using my cam kat dlm majalah Pengantin kat kedai Kimie Kajang the other day. The differs is I am not going to use fully chiffon since I've already bought lace. Chiffon hanye kat bahagian tangan. And I am going to wear tudung on my nikah day.

Next month dah nak anto kain utk Kimie buat baju. Baju reception aku byk patches so Kimie suruh buat awal. Hahaha.. Padan muka aku. Yang paling besh.. pelamin yg aku nak tuh, Kimie boley buat kan!!! Yeay!!!

Ok nak sambung conference dgn lalink-lalink ku kat YM.


eZa said...

beb! ijau lumut tuh cantik la! ok nye ngn ko ;)

wei... what cease??

+miss s.y.a+ said...

abes arr...baju nikah design Kirana ni dah same design dengan my cuzie...hurmmm...seb baik baju raya saya tak design gini...ahaks.

Moi Suwit a.k.a Mrs Xylan said...

olive green.. ngan hijo lumut tu sama ker.. muahahahaha.. cantik seh kaler ni..

intoxicated_toxic said...

eh ar ah la.. bnaju nikah ni sebijik my kazen... katanyer reka sndrik rupe2nyer... aha!

Dari Hati said...

boleh tau kimie kajang tu kat ner?baru jer tgk mag pengantin der pulak baju nih..ingat nak baju nih gak utk nikah tp rasenye Man kajang nyer design.boleh kasik tau kimie kajang ni kat ner?