Saturday, October 4, 2008

Raya Updates

Selamat hari raya to all of u..

Nothing much on dis raya. Just a few pics taken. Haha.. Too busy with eating activities and not forgetting giving loads of duit raya too. 1st day Raya, just lepaks at my atuk's place. Tak pegi berjalan sgt pon. Ada dlm 3 buah rumah jek aku g kot. The rest byk melayan guests yg dtg rumah atuk.

At 8 pm, me and my cousins went to my Encik Bab's kg since he just got there with his families. Rope2nya my kg and his kg was only 45 minutes away. Sungguh dekat kan? 1 jalan, 1 tol only. Unlike my sis whereby her in laws are in Kuantan. So beraya la kat kg my Encik Bab di mlm2 buta. After that his families when back to KL while he followed me balik to my kg.

The next day we went back to KL coz I need to work on the 3rd raya. Sungguh rajin kan? Haha.. Aku sengaja malas nak amik cuti coz nak simpan cuti utk kawin.

And now, I am right in front of my lappy editing old pics. Last year masa raya ke - 6, I went to Bali with my Encik Bab. A very sweet memories though. Masa pegi we are best friends. Bila balik, kami dah couple. So we've decided that Bali is a must place for both us to go on our honeymoon nanti besides other places.

This is Jimbaran. A place where we had our sunset dinner. Arghh.. I missed Bali so much. It has been my fav's vacation place eva! Its like a must place for me to go every year and I've been doing it on 2006 and 2007. And I hope I will have the chance to do it again once I become Mrs. Zamzuri. Insyaallah..