Sunday, October 5, 2008

Door Gift & Herbalife

Org len sebok g open house sana sini, aku sebok mempacking my door gift that I bought in Jakarta a couple of months ago. No worries, this gift is for all and not only to VIP. I'll be giving 3 items for my guests nanti. Mama nak bagi telur jugak on top of other 2 items including the one in pic below.

Apekah ia? Most of my good friends semua dah tau what it is. A very simple and cheap gift tp bila dah di touch up, nampak macam exclusive kan? Who said cheap can't be beautiful? Semua nih ikut kreativiti and kerajinan kita. Dats why I chosed to start doing it early. Buat sikit-sikit. I prefer to do it all on my own instead of upah org buat. Nanti kalo upah org tp hasil dia tah ape-ape, kite jugak yg akan sakit hati towards the end.

On the other hand, after a whole month of makan-makan xtvties, I've managed to gained my weight to 4 kgs!! Gila kan? Hari-hari aku kena bebel ng my Encik Bab suruh kurus cepat. So without hesitate, I've decided to take Herbalife. I've done my research about it for a couple of months and to add too it, I've found out that a friend of mine who used the products managed to loose 11kgs in 3 months!! So I quickly contacted her and there goes my money err.. Encik Bab's to be exact.

My friend tuh dah jadik coach Herbalife nih so she will monitor my progress every 2 weeks. Aku jugaakan kembali ke gym minggu depan. I really really need to slim down. Baju kawin dah nak tempah!!

Off to continue my door gift packaging..


Moi Suwit a.k.a Mrs Xylan said...

nice babe.. yeyeh.. qmie nak tawin!!!! teringat zaman masa aku pun sibuk buat door gift for my kenduri

eZa said...

kekdg bende murah tuh la yg lg smart dr bende yg mahal... nice beb! ;)

ko try herbalife ek? kalau berkesan bgtau aku ek?! ;)