Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jejak Kasih @ San Francisco

Semlm ada program jejak kasih kat San Francisco Steak House @ Midvalley. Jejak kasih between me and my PTPL's close frenz, Eza and Aida. Why jejak kasih? Dis is because aku dah 10 tahun tak jumpa derang. Eversince convo day kat PTPL tuh on 1998. Aku tak continue my studies dekat PTPL but to UNITAR. Eza was so thin even dah beranak 2. Aida mmg dr dulu lagi more matured than both of us. Dia tuh ala-ala kakak kiteorg la. Yg bertukar is just image masing-masing yang dah berhijrah. Insyaallah nnt aku plak kot..

Both of them are married with 2 kids. Bley plak dpt sepasang bersama-sama kan? Korang berjanji ke haper? Give me some tips nnt tau. Masa kat PTPL dulu kiteorg mmg rapat. Mana pegi pon sama. Assignment group mesti skali. And I even gave our group name as S.H.E. Hehe.. tp aku dah tak igt dah what does it stands for.

I am happy to see them happy. If it's not because of this Internet world, I would not be able to get in touch back with them. Macam-macam catched up stories but it seems that we have a very limited time. Perhaps another meet ups after raya nih. Besh giler especially when we talked about our very funny moments with this one guy named Aswadi. Mamat yg dgn selamba isi minyak keta Wira Aeroback RM 5.

Back to the food review, we ate loads ok!!! Food choices mmg banyak with just RM 48++. Got Japanese summore. Western ada. Lauk pauk ada. But we ols just concetrate dgn western + japanese jek. Then comes to desserts. I ate 6 scoops of chocolate ice cream! Hahaha.. The food taste was ok. Not a WOW but still puas hati sbb tempat dia besar and so comfy. Our session ends @ 915 pm.


Nor Aida Abdullah said...

i like the story of RM5 .. wakakaka .. pls make it again next time gurlss and lepak for the whole day with the tips .. ;)

Iza wonders... said...

6 scoops??senang nya hati...