Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Activities Part 3

Alhamdulillah... our BIG DAY's date has finally been finalized! InsyaAllah.. *Amin*

After Eza's open house, I've rushed to my soon to be FIL's hse. My mom, my uncle, my aunt, Awin and Poy reached there about 5 pm. The reason? Besides the open house, they want to make the confirmation of the BIG DAY's date. After the cheerful discussions, they finally agreed on both receptions' dates, including the solemnization date and time. :)

My wedding theme is definitely going to be pink for solemnization and light bronze for the reception, but for his reception side it's not confirmed yet. The venue? Mine will be at Dewan Puspanita, KL, but his side is probably going to be held at his house. Whatever it is, as long as the main solemnization date is confirmed, I'm thankful enough! :) Insyaallah..


Anonymous said...

wah. wah. 5mths 20days ya!
Slamat memprepare apa yg patut
& tak lamat lagi nk wish selamat ari raya!!!!

eZa said...

beb! congrats!
so bile tuh?? sempat lg nih nk tempah bj ikot theme kaler ko.. hehehe :D

+MISS S.Y.A+ said...

congrats to you... :)
blog blom nak launch..ade org dh jmp plak..hahahah..