Friday, October 10, 2008


After a week taking the HERBALIFE, I managed to kecut my waist size 1 inch and lost about 1kg. Its a good sign for a start. The best part is when my staff Ably and Shafa said that I nampak mengecut sket. Hehehe.. On the other hand, Caca ckp I got no life with this HERBALIFE. Jealous!!

For the past 1 week, I have replaced my breakfast and dinner with the HERBALIFE shake. I only ate during lunch time. Masa lunch aku tibai nasi but not everyday lah. I've added soya bean less sugar together with my chocalate shake. And last 2 days, I've tried a new menu. I added Mango Yoghurt drink to go with the chocolate shake. It may sounds weird but it taste better with yoghurt rather than that soya bean. I even tested it with my Encik Bab's shake which happens to be in Vanilla flavor.

Pasnih aku nak try campur ng fruit juice plak.

Ok. I'm off for lunch with Aida and Eza. Aida nak belanja Kenny Rogers.


Nor Aida Abdullah said...

uik .. siap promote lagi ye .. malulah I .. wakakaka ..

eZa said...

heehhe kenyang sey! tq aida! *wink*

wei.. aku pon nk la herbalife.. utk perot je ade x? hehhehe ;)

Nor Aida Abdullah said...

woit .. sahih kau tu dah tinggal tulang .. takkan nak kurus lagi ..

IdaEpi said...

Congrats!!Keep it up!!hopefully bleh turun lagi byk!!Aku lost 6kg ambik a month,tau!!yg penting ko kena ambik byk2 dia punye magic tea tu and plain oleh kerana aku dah pregnant,aku rasa aku x akan turun kilo still consume herbalife gak masa pregnant ni..