Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Aku bengang.

I just lost a grant from my savings account.
It just gone.
And to make it even worse, I noticed that a couple of days ago when I withdrawn my money from the account.
So yesterday morning, I went to the respective bank where I kept the money and printed out the statements.
It showed that the transactions was made on last 30th April 2009.
I remembered that on that particular day, I withdrawn only 1 time at MEPS ATM but it appears twice in the statement.

Double deduction.

Reports have been done to both ATMs bank and my savings account bank.
According to them, the investigation will take about 2 weeks.
Then if everything is OK then only they will return back the money.

What if it is not OK????????????????????????


There goes my money.

Am soo not in a good mood ayte now.



eZa said...

hubby aku kene gak once. to be safe nxt time jgn kuar kt meps esp kt petrol stations. g trus bank, selamat...

insyaAllah, x smpai 2wks diorg setel ;)

Marsha~ said...

issshhh.. gosiple nyah, kau pakai bank ape, dan cucuk kat atm ape?? kena bgtau spy org lain tak terkena.. bongek betul

intoxicated_toxic said...

penah kena gak.. ATM no cash katanyer tapi deducted.. after 2 wix mmg dpt..mebi sbb i cal evri wix tanya..
oh rindu time buley cucuk duit kuantiti bnyk2.tiba2.