Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I've found myself like to be alone nowadays.
Don't know y. Something is bothering me.
It hurts when to think that thing kept lingering on my mind days and nites.
And it caused me sleepless nites. Slept at 4 or 5 am. Woke up at 7 or 8 am.
Its painful though.

I'm changing in a way.

Anyway, no New Year's celebration for me this year.
Encik Bab is busy with his works.
Let it be.

Is dis because of all the medicine I'm taking right now?
Causing me all the mood swings?

Hana, kain yg ko beli smlm tuh mmg sgt chantek.
Ieza, cermin ko tuh buat aku asyik membelek my jerawat.


+miss s.y.a+ said...

leks arr..jgn ar tukar mood..tak rock laaa..jaga makan minum tu yg penting..sukan tu xyah la aktif dlu..kasik sihat btol2 laaa..mane kad neh??? heheh

Iza Wonders said...

i think its d hospital aura has gotten in u..it will all soon dissapear..trust me! So chin up dear :)

Marsha~ said...

alolololooo.. en. bab bekerja carik duit. ihiks.. gi lah outing dgn girlfrens. shoppinggg... dininggg.. best ape.. ;)
*happy new year babe.

Nurmala said...

happy new year yang..