Thursday, September 25, 2008

Birthday Irda @ Cozy House

23rd September 2008 is Irda's birthday. Since it falls on Ramadan month, we, the Divas decided to celebrate it during the buka puasa. The Divas decided to have it at Cozy House Great Eastern Mall. It was a great choice made since it serves ala carte food! U ols tau la how tired I am with all this buffet food. It was a very simple celebration but I hope it meant alot to her lah. I just bought her 2 big muffin and candles. The reason why I bought the muffin is because we are eating loads of food so I can bet that we are unable to finish the cake later on. Muffin is d best options since the Divas loving it. (Read: I know what is my friend's taste okay?) Besides that, I also bought her a bouquet of roses. Aku tau Irda tak suka bunga tp dia selalu complaint yg dia tak pernah or jarang dpt bunga. So nah, amik la bunga tuh... Hana and Ieza also bought her something.

Ieza too, brought us TM's kurma boxes which is lovely! Thanx babe! After the eating session, we had our photography session as usual. More pictures can be view @ my facebook.


Moi Suwit a.k.a Mrs Xylan said...

haha.. it was fun la.. especially wit icha around.. tapi satu gamba icha pun tak kluar.. post la gamba aku dokong icha tu

hahaha gamba tu lilin mnyuluh muka ku

Iza wonders... said...

aku ada ltk gambar ko ng icha kt blog aku...sedapkan makan kat cozy..yum yum