Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dunia oh dunia.

*Pics dr Berita Harian*

Terkejut saya bila baca berita tentang pembunuhan 4 beranak di Gemencheh kelmarin.


What went wrong?
How did humankind degenerate into these cold, merciless, cruel beings?

I guess that's the price we pay for being the dominant species.
The cruel price we have to pay for being the species with the ability to think.

At least, that's my opinion.

I know shit happens in life, but that is no excuse to be acting so shitty like this.

You know, the only reason life is this complicated and confusing is because of us.

Yes, us.
We made it this confusing.

Man, oh man.

Why do we have to be these cruel, sadistic creatures?

It's not like it was meant to be this way.
If it is, then I say that mankind is so messed up, we can't be saved anymore.


eZa said...

nowadays org bz pasal politik, bahasa, apa² lah pasal material. akidah & akhlak???

sedih & takut beb. nak² aku ade anak² yg tgh membesar. cabaran sungguh...

p/s: pe sal tetibe aku rs rindu kat ko eh? adakah kita akan berjumpe di kota jakarta?? hahaha ;P

cinot said...

ala mie that guy schizo ler..kalu wareesss x kn gtu