Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shh.. shh.. Go away!

Tears, tears,
Please go away..

I just can't stop crying since he left to KL 3 hrs ago.

My very first nite without him by my side after almost 3 mths we got married.

I knoe I gotta be strong here all by myself.
This is the path that I chose, so I better live with it.


I am going to miss u a lot here.
U jgn nak notty-notty kat KL tuh.
U will always be close to my heart.

I love you sayang!


LoVEaQshA said...

Ala ciannyer..
Jgn sedih2 yer..Dunia skrg dh maju mcm2 cr leh both of u lpaskan rindu even xjmp..
Sbr yer!!~

Marsha~ said...

sedihnyaaaa.. sabar ye qimie.. rindu itu indah.. nikmat berjumpa semula nanti laaaaaaaaagggi indah... couple jauh2 ni romantik dia lain sket... sabar ye dear..