Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm Fine.

After 4 days being in Jakarta, I'm doing just fine.


My hubby is still next to me until next Tuesday.

Lepas 2?

Harus lah aku meroyan kan?

Inilah mobil ku di sini.

Not really a personal driver coz I'm sharing it with my colleague who lives at d same place as me and work in d same office too.

He is more into business development thingy so he need the car more than I do for meeting clients.

Anyhow, the Bluebird taxi is reliable here. So I have no probs traveling with taxi as it is really needed here coz...

The MACET is very super duper teruk on weekdays ok?

Ok running off to settle my work.

Tomorrow I'll be off to Tanah Abang with Sang Suami to do some shopping! $$$$$$

I'm luvin it!


Marsha~ said...

tulah.. satunye tak best kat jakarta adalah traffic jammed dia... mmg boleh sakit jiwa.. tp at least ada driver, oklah tuuuuu... kt kl nak pasang driver harus kena jadik datin dulu.. :)

nURmALa mAZLan said...

jeles ni dapat kete tu..

SYAbAR said...


Kalau Zam balik camna la gayanya along nanti kan....