Thursday, June 25, 2009

HappY Belated Father's Day

Just a quick one since I have a lots of discussions.

This is how we celebrated Father's Day d other day.
A small celebration held at my SIL's.
My very first time celebrate it as I've lost my father when I was only 3 yrs old.

This is what I had for my branch.
Tapau from downstairs.
Not enuff time to lepak as I have tones of papers to go thru.

Kamus Bahasa Indonesia hari ini.

telat = lambat.


gee carmen said...

meeeehhh.. sedapnye makanan yg ditapau itu...

qimmie, caner life u kat sana? ok x??

Iza Wonders said...

aww so the father's day pic :) the sandwich looks yummie..hows things?hope ure doing ok over there..bdw,yad is going to jakarta next monday.