Friday, April 24, 2009

Oh, what a life!

Life has been great nowadays.

Tapi yang tak bestnya bila...

Ada orang kata, "Standard la baru lepas kawin, semuanya manis lah lagi. Tunggu la dah beranak pinak nanti.."

Tak boleh ke semua tuh ditukar kepada, "Semoga ko dapat kekalkan kemanisan nih sampai akhir hayat."

Would that be something good to hear?

Bukankah kata-kata itu doa?
Kan bagus kalo kita semua doakan yg baik-baik aja untuk orang yang disekeliling kita?


Sometimes in life we find ourselves so busy with our day-to-day existences that we,
as people, forget what the larger picture is really about.
We get so enwrapped in getting by and surviving that we forget the reasons we fight so hard to stay alive.
And we lose sight of the things, the countless, wondrous things, that make life on this planet more than just tolerable, but enjoyable.

You see, the joys of life don't lie in work, in money, or even the pursuit of knowledge,
But in the reasons we invest so heavily in those things.
All of the skills we have, all of the knowledge we hold and all of the tools we can use are meaningless.
Unless we can use them to make ourselves more happy or make the world around us a better place.
If we're not doing that, then we're not living.
Instead, we're dying, or rather, just waiting for death to come and put us out of our misery.

I've never looked a man's wealth or a man's mind to determine how he's spent his life,

I've looked at his smile.

I've looked in his face and wondered, endlessly wondered, what he can teach me, what his secret to life is.

For all of my knowledge, for all of my work,
I've learned nothing about happiness.
I've read hundreds of books,
torn through thousands of articles and studied the things we intellects study only to find all of these things bereft of any mention of the word "happiness."

Life is truly a beautiful thing,
but only if start measuring it the way it was meant to be.
If you let society, if you let your family
and if you let the world tell you what your goals should be,
how you'll be the happiest, then life, the greatest thing you have, will be meaningless,
just an existence between birth and death of no value to any one or anything.

That is a fate I will not stand for nor a destiny I will ever beat a path toward.

My life is my own and yours is your own.

You should live it as such.
And not let the measuring stick of others be your guide.

Others may have more money than you,
others may be smarter than you,
but, if you control your destiny,
follow your dreams and open your heart,
no one will ever be happier than you.

Because, even as the money others have saved is spent
and the knowledge of the wisest men is turned to dust in the winds of change,
the joys you had,
the joys you brought others
and the joys you left behind will still be thriving strong, echoing, for all time in the universe that surrounds.

If you measure your life accordingly, you'll see what I mean.

If you don't,


All I can do is pity you before I go about my life,

Which I'm going to continue living the way it was meant to be lead.

My way.


Moi Suwit a.k.a Mrs Xylan said...

ermmm.... *speechless* i hate oso when ppl give that remarks..

gee carmen said...

beb, lantak pi org nk ckp per... i doakan kebahagiaan akan sentiasa mengiringi kehidupan baru u skrg. mmuahhh :)

eZa said...

beb! just do it your way... be happy! ;D