Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Catching up Movies

I spent my weekend nights with watching movies that I missed.
Tapi ianya berlarutan pada malam-malam hari bekerja.
I slept late.
But heck, I am used to it.

I watched...

Can u spot the similarity for most of the movies that I've watched?

Its all about wedding thingy ya'all!!!

Aku pon tak sedar coz most of the DVD's are bought by my Encik Bab terchenta.
And he bought it quite a few months back.
It just that I don't really have time to watch it back then.

I enjoyed watching all of them.
Tak payah la aku nak buat review coz u all can google it by urself then.

Last Saturday's nite, I had dinner with my Encik Bab @ Michaelangelo Pavillion.
I had my Sphagetti Carbonara.
It's a fine dining restaurant but surprisingly the price is very affordable.
The Sphagetti only cost RM 29.90.
I should put this restaurant as 1 of my fav's later on.

After the eating session, we went to Sports Bar to watched Man Utd vs Liverpool.
Together with Shafa & Ably and 3 of Ably's friend.
It happens that all of them are fanatic Man Utd fans.
Me is the only person on the opposite team.

And Man Utd kalah!!!
Kalah 1-4 plak tuh.
Kat tempat sendiri plak tuh.

Ok. Nak layan tgk Konsert Akademi Fantasia 1.
Dah tak de movie nak tgk.
Layan kan ajek.



Aida said...

27 dresses ?? aku tengok 3 kali ok sbb aku suka minah tu .. wahhhh .. nak pinjam yg lg 2 tu boleh ..

nURmALa mAZLan said...

haish....kita dah lama x tgk movie la..huhu~~ sangat bz..balik2 je penat