Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bunga Tangan

O oooo.. It's 1st March alredi!!
Nothing much to do left.
I've settled most of my things.
Yang tinggal is just the hantaran.
Which can only be ready on the night before the nikah date.

Minggu nih dan minggu depan I'll be bz distributing wedding invitations.
All of my besties received the card much much earlier.
Derang paksa aku bagi kad awal.

Anyway, my fellow bloggers friend,
To those who really wanna come to my weds, please drop down ur name and address.
I am sorry to inform that on my side, I have a very limited seats available but you all are welcome to come over at my Encik Bab's side if you can't confirm ur attendance.
Hehe... The groom's side will be on 11th April 2009.

Now kite continue dgn bunga tangan.
I've always wanted a simple handbouquet and yet stylish for it.
Wanted to have fresh flowers but after spending my time googling..
Somehow, I've fallen in love with this type of handbouquet.

Comel jek rasa bila tgk tulips tuh.
So, ptg tadi, me and Encik Bab went to SSF to take a look at the artifial tulips.
I've found what I want.
Plus, to make it a bit more different, I also bought small roses to be mix together with the tulips.
Hope it goes well.

There's an announcement to be made.
My Hen's nite is postponed to another date.
This is to respect IEZA who had just lost her FIL early this morning.
Since IEZA is the organizer, I figured that it is better to postponed although she wanted to handover the thing to HANA.
Tak syiok la pulak kan me having party without her.
Anyway IEZA, my condolences to your family.


Marsha~ said...

heheh.. sangat sweet bunga tangan tu.. aku respect dgn kau, kau buat semua sendiri.. aku dulu main order je.. semua aku serah pada man kajang.. last2 masa byr bil, nak terberakkk..
*nok, card aku macam mana? nak post kaaaa atau???