Saturday, October 24, 2009

Retail therapy.

Some women says the best retail therapy for them is shopping.
I think I wanna try something else.

With all the sadness I felt this couple of days,
I've decided to...

Cut my hair short!

Let's see whether it works or not.


puan.farah. said...

buat macam tu bagus untuk lepas kan stress...dulu selalu potong rambut lepas abis paper..memang berkesan!

eZa said...

eh! kekadang aku pun buat gitu. bile frust / depress sgt trus potong rambut pendek! & it works! hehehe ;)

take care babe! be happy :)

gee carmen said...

ahhhh qimmie..
I frust je, potong rambut!
Bestttt... Puas hati...