Thursday, April 15, 2010

Divas Hi Tea

It was all last minute plan sbb saya pon dapat tau dpt balik last minute kan.
But thanks to Blackberry that brought me and my besties as close as before although I am far-far away from them.

Tuan Tanah dgn Lily n Fifi d baby.

All of them now are BB users!
Kena racun kaw2.
We even have our chatting group in BBM called Divas Propah so that we can chat like mad!
Especially on those secrets that we've shared long-long time ago!

Hana n Ieza showing off their BB!

Since everybody free on Sunday, we agreed to have our Hi Tea session kat Royale Bintang The Curve.

Irda couldn't make it though padahal dia yg suggest buat kat situ.

Ieza and Lily came with their baby daughters.
Me and Hana yg masih berusaha keras ke arah itu dtg berlenggang.
Hubby masing2 tinggal kat rumah or merayau kat tempat lain.
My hubby just dropped me there and off he go.

Lily dgn Fifi si montok.

Ieza with Raisa yg suka Aunty Qme.


Not a long session though but enuff to have so much laughter to share.

I love u gurls!