Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wedges oh wedges...

Another pair of luvly wedges from my Encik Bab. Hehe.. This is the highest height I've ever owned. I am actually practicing for my weds to walk on high heels. Hahaha...

At 2 am, she is still awake! And wanted us to play with her. Such a notty gurl isn't she? Danisha is soo a cam lover. She just knew it when people wanted to take her pic and she will look at the camera and when u asked her to smile, she smile happily! Can't hardly wait to watch her taking her first step though..


gee carmen said...

wahhh.. kasut lagi ke..?
pakai beb.. jangan x pakaiiii.. kasi gegear satu dunia yg u leh pakai kasut tingi2 nehhh!

cutenyeeeeeeeeeee danisha!
pehe dia lagi best kan..?
huhuhuuu.. winduuuu kat budak kecik ru lorrrr