Friday, May 2, 2008


These couple of days has been really great for me and my Encik Bab. Only a month after our engagement day, we managed to hang out with our friends. All the while we only lepaks at home. Kalau keluar pon just the 2 of us or with my family. So last Wednesday nite, we went to Hartamas Square and lepaks with my staff Ably, Shafa and Caca for dinner. Then right after that, we went to Uncle Chillis to chill out. Layan live band. Anid and Jihan came and joined us later that nite. Balik dr Uncle Chillis, we lepak tgk bola together with his cousin, Roy. Haha.. Syiok. Yesterday, I cooked for both of them and later at nite, we went to Sunway to play pool together with Anid and her bro, Mat. It was fun though. After so long I didn't really play pool. How I missed my ol times. Playing in the pool tournament at almost every month.. Nowadays, pool tournament for the ladies pon sudah tarak.

Speaking of old times, here are some pics taken during my early days knowing my Encik Bab.

Spot the difference? Hahahaha...


Iza said...

hohoho he looks so young then..ahaks :)