Monday, May 12, 2008

Holiday mood.

In a month time, I'm turning 28th! Gosh, time flies! I am not going to have a big party like I usually did every year.. I wanted to runaway and have my own sweet time partying overseas just like what I have done for the past 3 years.. 2005 - Gold Coast, Aussie. 2006 - Bali. 2007 - Hong Kong & China but too bad my mom wants me 2 b ere at home on my birthday eve. In advanced, my Encik Bab told me that he wanted to take me to Cameron Highlands on June 12 - 14th. Lalalala..

Party? I don't think so. Unless my friends wanted to belanja me lah! Heheh.. Anyway, last Friday nite, Ieza hosted a pot luck birthday party at her place. Just the 5 of us. Ieza, Lily, Hana, Irda and me. I cooked Sphagetti Bolognese for her. Lily prepared a yummy potato salad. Hana brought dessert. Irda sponsored beverages. And the host itself serves us with roasted chicken and birthday cake. Told yer that choc cheese cake is yummy! We had fun that nite after awhile. Lotsa pics taken as me hv to be d OP for the nite.

Ieza, Happy birthday. May all ur wishes come true. I will pray for ur happiness! Amin.


Iza said...

Yohooo...Bday nanti kiter plan sumthing ok?Thanks babe 4 everything!