Saturday, April 5, 2008

Survey Dewan..

Fenat gilers ari nih... After work, me n my Encik Bab went to a few places in KL. From KLCC to Mines. And in d middle of it, we went to Dewan Besar Tun Rahah that is located next to Bangunan LTAT (nearby Serimelayu Restaurant) to survey the place. Even we didn't get the chance to see the dewan entirely but both of us basically agree to do it here. (So far lah kan...) The package they offered also not bad. It's just the matter of we need to decide on which to go for lah. By the way, don't ask me first when is the date as at this particular moment, we have not decided it yet but we still need to do the research and surveys as it could be any time soon.. Insyaallah!

After Dewan Rahah, we went to the Mines as we wanted to get PS2 games but then end up dgn my Encik Bab beli remote control helicopter! Duuhhh!! Makin tua makin menjadi pulak dia nih..

Tuh nampak tgh khusyuk naikkan helicopter... eeii...


Iza said...

very nice.i like!i like!cepatlah buat tp make sure lepas july ok,gue mau ke bandung shopping...hehe..