Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Man Utd vs Arsenal

I've lost a bet again! Duuh!! Man Utd won 2-1 over Arsenal (read: ARSENGAL). Luckily this time my bet was only a lunch treat at Chillis. The last bet was Man Utd vs Roma where I lost quite a big bet with my Encik Bab. The bet was a remote helicopter. (read: POKAI)

I'm actually a big fan of Man Utd but eversince I'm with my Encik Bab, I've changed my fav team to those who played against Man Utd just for the sake of having a fight with my Encik Bab. And there goes all this bets around. Not all the time our bets involves money. At times, we do bet on silly things like.. he have to wear pink shirt and drive my pink car, i got the chance to be a queen for a day.. which that both I've won. But when there is a bet involves money, for sure I'm the one yg kalah.

Sedar tak sedar.. this 18th April 2008, is going to be 6th month anniversary as a couple.. and 22nd ni a month as fiancee. Gosh.. how time flies kan? Alhamdulillah everything went well so far.. One thing my Encik Bab suka sgt ckp : "What makes our relationships so special is because we've known each other inside out. There's nothing to hide. And that makes us easy to communicate from time to time." This is so true.. we've practice what we've done as a friend in our relationships and it does work! I will tell him directly what I like him to do or vice versa. Arguements? Standard. But its just an arguement. Not more. Sudah tua maa.. buat ape mau gaduh2!! Ahaks..

I'm thinking to plan something lah this Friday. Any idea?


Iza said...

eheh...wut la you,if u wanna bet wait until Man U vs Chelsea..hehe..but its kinda cool betting over him wearing pink..u r so mean la hahaha
Bdw Happy Anniversary to u n ur En Bab!ahaks
Friday?Belanja aku la kat TGIF..haha

The Journey.. said...

Apesal plak aku nye anniversary tp aku kena belanja ko plak kat tgif? Hahah...

Iza said...

ok aper..kira mcm ala2 ko bersedekah la masa anniversary...haha
p/s:adiktipd tu ex fadhil ker?apsal lain giler