Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Short Vaccay.

I'm leaving for Medan this 12th - 15th Dec 09.
Pics above was taken during my last visit to Medan on 2005.

Actually the main idea bukanlah utk bercuti.
Tapi nak attend wedding my staff.

I'm going with all these gurls.
Yg 1st dr kiri tuh yg nak kawin.
Mereka2 ini handle advertising department.

Since wedding dia on Monday (which is pelik to me),
We decided utk pergi bercuti on that particular weekend.

Medan is not a place for shopping.
But for you to enjoy the beautiful places they have there.
Ada Danau Toba, Brastagi, Air Terjun Si Piso-piso etc.

I don't know what is the itinerary yet, but I do hope it is a good one though!
After all the hectic days in the office this couple of months,

I really need a break!