Saturday, June 28, 2008

A very tiring week..

Since last Tuesday, I am busy with my pool tourny. Fun and yet tiring. Finished at 8th place out of 32 players. Dah lama tak main, guess my game pon tak consistent sgt. But above all, I am so happy as my Encik Bab was there all the way to give me the support that I needed. An added advantage coz he is good at this game too.

Me in action...
Kak Tina is breaking the ball..
Mable making her debut.

With my closest pool frenz.. Kak Tina and Anid.

Not forgetting, I have another birthday celebration at the office with my colleague that celebrated birthdays on the same month. So it makes all together 4 times for me to blow the candles!! Rasa sangat terharu bila almost semua org around me loves me! Hahaha...