Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy, happy mode

These couple of weeks has been great for me. It all started on my birthday eve's where me and my familia celebrated my birthday at Greenbox together with my beloved Encik Bab. We enjoyed ourselves eating and singing all nite long. Danisha enjoyed it too! Me and Encik Bab sang our songs together.. "APA ARTINYA CINTA" and "11 JANUARI". That both songs really had a deep meaning for both of us..

A day after, I took off to Cameron Highlands with my Encik Bab. Its his treat on my birthday besides a bouquet of roses and a card with a very deep wordings written. But unfortunately, I didn't really take pictures up there except for a few macro shots on butterflies. We were busy plucking strawberries and tea leaves. Haha.. No lah. We bought lotsa tea bags only lah.

On Saturday, we checked out and headed our way home to KL. Dan yg buat lagi best, my Encik Bab asked me.. "SAYANG NAK APA LAGI?" hahah... Well, well.. macam org mengantuk yg disorongkan bantal..... I asked for a WARDROBE from IKEA. Bley? Langsung tersedak my Encik Bab. Tp dia kata "OK" with a big laugh lah.. So bila sampai je Sg. Buloh, we went straight to IKEA and masa kat sana.. aku bley plak tak nak ALMARI. Hahaha.. Well, I am GEMINI ok? Sudahnya tah ape2 aku beli.. I bought myself a new laundry bag, my KLIPPAN new cover set which is in RED, then ada la a few other small2 things.

Thanks sayang for everything!! Thanks everyone for being there! Thanks everyone who sent me SMSes that nite..

I'll update on my DIVASS club Xtvt in my next post..