Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wedding Check List

Pics taken at Midvalley during Pameran Pengantin 2008

  • Date for my wedding - I have a date already!!! Not too soon, not too late.

  • Reception theme color - found the right one!

  • Reception dress design - not quite there yet.

  • Photographer - Candid Syndrome team.

  • Venue - 1st choice : Dewan Tun Rahah.

  • Wedding card

  • Door gift - 2 of them. 1 done. 1 not yet.

  • Wedding planner - 1 in mind but have not done any booking yet.

  • Brg2 hantaran - Kasut + Belt done. The rest go slowly.

  • New bedroom set - booked 1.

Work Check List

  • This weekend - starting up my new business. Need to go to Klang to get things done.

  • 25th July - NN Sports Club members gathering @ Restaurant Puteri.

  • August - NN Sports Club bowling tournament @ One Utama

  • September - Need to organize Majlis Berbuka Puasa with anak2 yatim for NN.

  • Etc....

I'm leaving to Jakarta next weekend. A very long shopping list need to be done there. Ayoyoyo.. Fenin sudah!


Iza said...

Hehehe..i know ur wedding date.Im so excited!Can i share it with everyone here!!

The Journey.. said...

jgn!!! hahaha....

LaLa said...

wow..bestnya dapat hire candidsyndrome... jeles2 =)

gee carmen said...

dah dapat date ke??
bilerr..? biler nie cik Qimmie???
harap2 kiteorg dapat menghadirkan diri ke majlis u nanti yerr... insyaallah...